Sunday, March 18, 2012

Small Lake City

I was at a show a few weekends ago. It took place in this house right around 9th and 9th, and I didn't have to pay to get in. That was sweet. But inside was a shameful sight. The rooms were filled with the least subtle group of hipsters I have ever witnessed. Every single person, I swear, every single person had hiking boots on. Everyone wore sweaters of some solid, faded color. Everyone wore tight pants. Most of the guys had either facial hair, or long greasy hair, or both. It's like everyone was competing for the title of "most modest". Me-I was not modest.
I was in a really great mood that night because I was with my girlfriend, and I was not trying to hide that I looked good. I had black dress slacks, black dress shoes, and black suspenders, all complimented by a particularly colorful striped button-up. By the way the guys at the door looked at me, I could tell they were planning on ridiculing my naivety as soon as I was out of earshot. I obviously was not aware of the modesty competition.
And the competition wasn't restricted just to dress code. The first two acts were these coffee-shop bozos with an acoustic guitar, earnestly singing about other earnest people. There was this ginger whose eyes were sticking out in different directions. I kid you not, he was taking pictures of people he didn't know that were sitting next to him on the couch, and then he would look at his pictures, smile with satisfaction, and then look around to see if anyone was watching him.
On Halloween I was at this party and my brother, his friends, and I were droppin' it like it was hot on the dance floor. We had a really excellent streak of song selection going too-Twist and Shout by The Beatles, Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads, Life On Mars by David Bowie. Nobody else was really dancing because nobody knew how to have a good time like we did. Then this kid, sulking on the pool table, not even in a Halloween costume called out, "play something indie!" I almost went over there and gave him a piece of my mind, but my brother said I shouldn't worry about those losers.

Indie is not a genre. And people shouldn't act like any artist's indie cred makes them good. In fact, there's probably a reason why artists are indie in the first place. Its because they couldn't get signed because they sounded too much like every other shit indie band in Utah. All you have to do is turn on KRCL at any time of day, and you'll know what all these douche-y locals want to be. It's all this shoe-gazer wannabe surf-rock crap.
I'm not through with this, but it's also pretty late and I have to do well in school so I don't end up some indie loser.

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